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Media Mass.Shtab Limited was founded in January, 2015 for cross-platform software development and applications for smartphones. The team incorporated local IT professionals who have worked for the companies operating mainly in offshore contract software market in Russia and abroad.

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If you are tired of nudging your competition in a narrow local or regional market or it is going through a crisis now... If you have brilliant ideas of conquering the mobile Internet, but do not know who with bring it to reality... If you are sorry your money does not bring decent income and your profit gradually vanishes with the inflation or shrinks down because of exchange rates... Contact us and we will help you to create a product which could attract millions of users across the world. We shall come to the terms. No doubt.


The initial Mass.Shtab project is a mobile application named Hunting for a Bankrupt («Okhtota na Bankrota» in Russian). It is designed for a convenient search of profitable deals on electronic bidding platforms operating under 127 Russian Federal Law (Bankruptcy Act) right in one’s phone. The release took place on the 25th of July 2015.

Our production team is dedicated to the latest development tools and cutting edge technologies as well as best working practices, while project management permanently seeks end product perfection. We are adepts of Agile Methodology and this is the reason we are always on or slightly ahead of schedule.

Where is the Money?

Our experience, creative and technological skills allow to increase profitability of nearly any of running or new high tech business. At the same time we are not tending to pad expenses and terms and are totally reasonable and proud of our negotiability.